Designer Chris Maple, furniture designer and maker. Custom made furniture- Skilled working with timber, concrete, all metals. Welding Stainless-steel, Aluminum, Cabinetry, Moulded Concrete Building highly polished stainless steel dining tables to storage units, sculptures to designing and making all aspects of modern contemporary bathrooms and kitchens. Reception desks, Kitchen island concrete benches, side units, consoles, powder coated steel with mesh and glass top hall tables. Commissioning an individual piece is remarkably easy and fulfilling. If this is the first time you have commissioned furniture from a maker it is not as intimidating as it might appear, contact the maker for an initial informal discussion. Chris is happy to discuss any elements of the commissioning process and you will be reassured that he will be able to fulfill your wishes. Commissioning a special piece is an exciting and rewarding experience - you will gain an insight into the making process and the finished piece will give lasting pleasure. Chris will meet and sketch custom designed ideas for you, work out the cost and look at the production schedule to give you a lead time. If the quote is agreed, a 50% depositis required to start.

Contact Chris direct 043 8558 033 for your special custom made piece

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